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Have you ever asked: what Shopify theme is that?

If you’ve spotted the perfect theme for your store, or you want to learn a little more about the designer behind a specific theme, this Shopify theme detector will help.

We built this theme detector to help web designers and theme creators navigate the wonderful world of Shopify themes with ease.

All you need to do is enter the URL for the Shopify store you’re interested in learning more, and click the “Find theme” button.

Our handy algorithm will do the rest, providing a quick insight into the exact theme being used. After all, we know how difficult it can be to quickly identify a Shopify theme, even if you consider yourself to be a design expert.

There are hundreds of free and premium themes available to choose from on the Shopify marketplace, and even more custom themes made by developers all over the world.

So bring your search to an end. Enter your URL below and give our theme detector a try.

What is a Shopify Theme?

Shopify themes are packages of template files, building blocks, and supporting assets which allow you to create an attractive, responsive pages for your Shopify store.

They’re great for beginners who don’t want to work with a designer to create a “front-end” experience for their customers using code and programming.

Instead of having to learn how to design web pages as a beginner, you can use a theme as a template for your entire store’s appearance.

Some themes even go beyond influencing the appearance of a Shopify store. They can also have an impact on how your website functions.

Some come with extra features like countdown timers to increase urgency, or unique menus. Others come with scrolling effects, wish lists, and age verification tools.

Even designers use Shopify themes as a foundation for creating great website experiences.

Designers can dive into the elements of a Shopify theme and make changes to its appearance on the behalf of a business or store owner, saving them time on customization.

If you’re working with a client who likes the style or design of a website they’ve already seen online, being able to quickly identify that theme will ensure you know how to create a similar experience for your customer.

Alternatively, if you’re just learning about theme design, you can use our Shopify theme detector to learn more about the designers that create compelling themes.

How to Choose the Best Shopify Theme

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy to choosing the best Shopify theme. The right solution for you (or your client), will depend on a range of factors, including their brand image and style, the specific functionality they need from their theme, and which add-ons and plugins they use with Shopify.

Keep in mind, certain integrations for Shopify will only work with specific themes. That’s why it’s so important to ensure everything will continue to work seamlessly after you implement and customize a new theme.

If you’re looking for some initial inspiration, the best way to get started is by browsing through the options on the Shopify marketplace.

You can do this from within the Shopify dashboard. Notably, Shopify offers both free and premium themes. While the free themes are useful for beginners, they generally offer fewer advanced features.

The good news for companies and designers who find they’re not entirely happy with their overall theme experience, is that it’s relatively easy to switch to something different a little later.

You’re not tied into the same theme forever with Shopify. You can change your design however you like.

Additionally, designers and developers can leverage the “Liquid” coding elements within Shopify to make more comprehensive changes when necessary.

Why Use a Shopify Theme Detector?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to consider using a Shopify theme detector. Often, many companies struggle to choose the right theme for their store straight away.

Checking out competing companies and the themes they use can be an excellent source of inspiration.

Unfortunately, most business owners aren’t particularly transparent about which themes they use. This means people often have to use workarounds like checking out the site’s code to find out what theme it’s actually using. A Shopify theme detector makes life a lot easier.

Other reasons to use a Shopify theme detector include:

  • To help replicate another store’s design: As mentioned above, if you or your client particularly likes the design of another Shopify store, a theme detector can give you an insight into the aspects you need to replicate for your own website.
  • Exploring custom theme options: Sometimes, using a Shopify theme detector is a good way to get an insight into what’s possible with custom theme design. You can compare the themes pre-built for Shopify with custom themes to see whether custom development is worthwhile.
  • Checking out the competition: If you want to find out more about the themes other designers have created, or even look at the UX of a competing store, a Shopify theme detector can give you more insights. You could discover ways to make your own Shopify theme designs more attractive, user-friendly, or unique.
  • Advancing your education: As a designer, checking out the work of other professionals in your field is a great way to learn more and expand your own skills. With a Shopify theme detector, you can learn more about the people who create compelling Shopify themes.
  • Curiosity: There’s nothing wrong with simply seeing a great website and wondering what’s going on behind the scenes. If you’re in the design or web development world, you probably ask “What Shopify theme is that?” a lot. Give in to your curiosity!

How the Theme Detector Works

You might be wondering how we managed to create such an intuitive and simple Shopify theme detector. Well, to understand that you need to understand how Shopify themes work.

All Shopify themes are defined by a specific ID, baked into the code that exists within the templates and blocks that are used to form a website.

You can actually find the ID of each theme by looking into the coding of a website yourself. There are two ways to do this. The first option is to download a browser extension or application that searches through website code for you.

The second is to check out the “source code” of the website you’re visiting, and look for theme information.

While these methods are quite easy to use, they can be time-consuming and confusing for beginners. That’s why we created this Shopify theme detector as an alternative.

The solution searches through the source code of a store, by checking it’s URL, on your behalf. When you enter the URL into the text field on this page, and click the “Find theme” button, our tech will start searching.

It can search through tons of code in seconds, saving you a lot of time. Then it presents the following information:

  • The Shopify theme name, as it’s listed in the official store.
  • Insights into whether the theme has been customized by experts.
  • Information on whether the theme has been built as a “custom” solution.

As the number of themes on the Shopify theme store continues to grow, we’ll add to our database automatically, to ensure we’re delivering the most accurate results.

What Shopify Theme is that? An Example

Still confused? Here’s a quick example of how our Shopify theme detector works. Let’s look at the Ivy Rose London store, created in Shopify. You can enter the URL: into the theme detector, and click the button below. Then the theme detector will tell you quickly that Ivy Rose London uses the “Debut” theme.

This is a pretty common theme used by Shopify owners, because it’s free, easy to use, and looks very professional. Once you’ve got your information, you can go and check out the theme yourself, or just keep searching for more themes!

Go ahead and give it a try, it’s totally free!