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Fast cloud search for Shopify, Merchium, Magento, and CS-Cart.

In this Searchanise review, we’re exploring the features and capabilities of a valuable add-on or plugin for ecommerce websites. Searchanise promises business owners a simple way to enhance user experiences, by enhancing the search functionality on ecommerce stores.

While implementing effective search feature is only one part of building an excellent UX/UI experience, it’s growing increasingly important in today’s digital world.

Around 69% of all shoppers go straight to the search bar when looking for products. Additionally, 90% of US consumers believe a good search function is a must-have for any ecommerce store.

Here’s your guide to Searchanise, and how it can help you improve customer experience, increase sales, and unlock new business opportunities.

What is Searchanise?

Searchanise is a simple plugin or app for online stores, designed to shorten the customer purchasing journey, by helping customers to find exactly what they need on your website.

Trusted by over 14,000 companies, including CBS, and Lonely Planet, Searchanise eliminates the complexity of the ecommerce navigation and search experience. The platform was designed in 2013, after the founders realized customers were struggling with less intuitive online experiences.

With Searchanise, companies can not only simplify the path to purchase for customers, but they can also increase conversions and sales. Online visitors who use a site’s search feature are up to 3 times more likely to convert. Additionally, 99% of customers say they’re more likely to return to a website that offers a reliable search function.

Searchanise Features: How Does Searchanise Work?

Searchanise uses intelligent algorithms, artificial intelligence, and state of the art technology to help customers find products faster.

The solution integrates directly with your existing ecommerce store, with add-ons available for Shopify, Shopify Plus, WooCommerce, Magento (Adobe Commerce), BigCommerce, and CS Cart.

To use the app, all businesses need to do is install the solution on their ecommerce platform of choice, and set up their search functionality. Searchanise offers an easy-to-use platform, with guides and resources available for beginners. There’s also a free demo you can test to get you started, and companies get 24/7 support offered by the Searchanise team.

The exact functionality of the platform will vary depending on the plan you choose, but key capabilities include:

Site search:

Searchanise’s site search function helps customers to rapidly find the products they’re looking for in a fraction of a second. The search bar can suggest results in as little as 0.2 seconds, and even auto-complete searches with suggestions based on the letters or words a customer types.

Searchanise can recognize and ignore stop words, specific symbols, and misspellings in searches, ensuring every user still finds the information they need.

The site search function also includes automatic spell checking and autocorrect. Plus, businesses can customize the results their customers see, and create a list of synonyms to help the algorithm connect related terms. The site search functions also include:

  • No results pages: Populate no-results pages with recommendation blocks from Bolide
  • Custom CSS and HTML: Ensure your search box blends with your theme using custom code
  • Redirects: Automatically redirect customers based on specific keywords

Product Filters

With Searchanise, companies can add unique product filtering options to their results and category pages, helping customers find the results they need without going beyond the first page. Customers can filter through products based on price, average rating, size, color, and more.

The filters are fully customizable, so you can add variants based on your specific products. You’ll also be able to choose how to show your filters (collapsed menu, hidden menu, or expanded view). Like with the search options, you can also customize CSS and HTML codes, or use pre-existing templates.

Users can also add multiple filters to their search at once, and companies can use “color families” to show customers a wider range of products.


The merchandising tools in the Searchandise app allow companies to focus customer attention on specific products and promotions. You can prioritize how goods show up in a list, and influence exactly what visitors see by setting time limits on promotions.

Companies can also choose exactly how to deliver results. You can choose some products to always appear at the top or bottom of a search feed. There’s also an option to ensure certain products automatically appear first if their descriptions or titles match specific keywords.

Business leaders can also enhance their chances of sales, with quick view options for product cards, product ratings and reviews displayed in search, and custom labels like “New” or “Sale”.

Upsell and Cross-Sell

Searchandise partners with the Boldie product recommendations app, to improve your chances of making sales and increasing average order value. The integrated app can show recommended products based on customer preferences, keywords, and other filters.

You can also control how you showcase recommendations, showing special offers with multi-announcement bars, or using timer bars for limited-time promotions. The Boldie integration also allows companies to:

  • Recommend items frequently purchased together
  • Collect customer email addresses and leads
  • Enable customers to return to the top of the page with one click


To help businesses make the most out of their ecommerce efforts, Searchandise comes with a variety of advanced analytics and reporting tools. The app includes a comprehensive dashboard, which offers visual insights into popular search terms, and other factors. You can track:

  • How often customers click on a recommended search query
  • Which products customers buy after conducting a search
  • Which synonyms and search terms you’re missing

Searchandise Pricing Plans

Searchandise offers a 14-day free trial to beginners, with unlimited access to all of the tool’s features. After that, your pricing will vary depending on the features you need, and the platform you use.

Customers can access a discounted price by paying for an annual subscription instead of a monthly plan. Options for Shopify and Shopify Plus include:

  • Basic: $19 per month on Shopify, and $39 per month on Shopify Plus: Up to 1.5k in products, all base features, filters on collections, personalized AI search, integrations, custom CSS and HTML, voice search, and basic support.
  • Essential: $39 per month on Shopify, or $59 per month on Shopify Plus: All the features of Basic, plus 7.5k products, banners, priority email support, and 1 hour per month of customized modifications.
  • Advanced: $59 per month on Shopify or $79 per month on Shopify Plus: All the features of Essential, plus support for 15k of products and 2 hours per month of client-side modifications.
  • Growth: $99 per month on Shopify or $129 per month on Shopify Plus: All the features of Advanced, plus 30k products, live chat, and 4 hours of custom client-side modifications.
  • Pro: $179 per month on Shopify or $199 per month on Shopify Plus: The features of Growth, plus high priority email support, 6 hours of client side modifications per month, dedicated server support, and 50k products.
  • Premium: $329 per month on Shopify or $349 per month on Shopify Plus: All the features of Pro, plus up to 300k products, top priority email support 1 call per month, and 8 hours per month of custom modifications.

Customers using WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wix, Magento and CS Cart will have fewer pricing packages to choose from, each with their own price depending on feature needs.

Searchandise Review: The Verdict

Searchandise is a simple and effective tool, ideal for improving the user experience of your customers, increasing sales, and unlocking new opportunities. It’s an easy-to-use platform that integrates well with a variety of ecommerce tools. Plus, it comes with a host of customization options, to ensure you can transform your customer’s experience based on your unique needs.


  • Easy to use platform
  • Excellent AI and automation tools
  • Exceptional customization features
  • Recommendations to increase order value
  • Advanced analytics and reports
  • Integrations with most top ecommerce platforms


  • Complicated pricing plans
  • Limited customer support on some plans
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