8 Best Ecommerce Design Companies and Agencies in 2024

You’ve got 15 seconds to impress your audience. If a visitor doesn’t find your ecommerce website interesting during that time, you may have lost that particular lead forever.

To make an impact in 15 seconds, you need to have a fast-loading website that is also attractive. And that’s not all – it should quickly show the user what they’re looking for.

The clock is ticking and the audience attention is running out. As a retailer, I can feel the pressure building, which is why I always recommend having a crisp presence. Grab the attention of your audience and get them to make a purchase.

I’ll list some of the best ecommerce design agencies here. A design agency is a company that designs your website so that it ticks all the boxes – fast, attractive, relevant, and interesting.

Best Ecommerce Design Companies

I’ll list eight of the best ecommerce design companies here and you can pick the one you like the most.

1. Pony Studio

Pony Studio is an agency that thinks outside the box. All of their designs are very unique, to say the least. They handle everything from design and development to implementation.

Pony Studio is especially great for startups and scale-ups as it helps businesses grow through their designs.

The agency is located in London and has already served over 150 companies. They have a varied portfolio and have displayed amazing design capabilities with each of their projects.

Their portfolio is available on their website and shows their innovative creativity.

They have stunning designs that are also highly functional. I recommend them for ecommerce websites, especially if you’re a retailer.

2. Azuro Digital

Azuro Digital is an company that creates web design for your ecommerce website, develops your applications, and helps your website rank high with SEO and branding.

They handle all types of branding including logo design and visual identity. With their SEO and other promotion techniques, they help retailers with conversion rate optimization.

They also conduct A/B tests to see how their new solution is performing against the old one.

Their focus is on generating revenue for their clients. So whether you want more visitors to your website or higher conversions, Azuro Digital will help you out. You can contact them through their form and they’ll call you to understand your business needs.

3. Bop Design

Bop Design primarily caters to B2B businesses. Just like retail ecommerce, B2B ecommerce also follows the 15-second rule. If the customer doesn’t like your website in the first few seconds, they’re going to bounce off.

If you’re a wholesaler looking for an ecommerce website, Bop Design will be the perfect partner for you. You might have noticed that most B2B websites are boring. That doesn’t mean yours should be too.

Bop Design offers some artistic concepts that will make your website stand out. It emphasizes audience engagement, lead generation, and basically impressing the audience so they’re compelled to make a purchase.

4. Upqode

Upqode is a part of Qoders and offers end-to-end solutions for ecommerce websites. They’re into web designing, development, and marketing.

If you’re a Shopify merchant, you’ll be happy to know that they offer Shopify web design as well. This means you get a unique design on your existing Shopify store that makes it stand out.

Upqode also offers website maintenance, Google Analytics service, pay per click marketing, and social media marketing.

If you’re looking for digital success, this agency will help you out. With their seamless and comprehensive services, they are a good fit for any retail online merchant.

5. Absolute Web

It’s a web design company that’s dedicated to ecommerce solutions. They have several designs for retailers as well as wholesalers. Whether you want a new website from scratch or a fresh look for your existing ecommerce solution, they can help you out.

Absolute Web was launched in 1999 and helps merchants with their Shopify, BigCommerce, and Adobe Commerce websites.

They deliver creative UI/UX designs that can drive engagement. With over 85 trained professionals and 19 industry awards, Absolute Web shows excellence in the digital domain.

You can contact them for Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce development, custom solutions, API integrations, conversion rate optimization, and marketing services.

6. Neuralab

Neuralab is another digital agency that’s focused on ecommerce projects. They can develop ecommerce websites, applications, portals, and intranets. You can contact them for a new project or omnichannel solutions for your existing ecommerce applications.

They work on everything from sketches to the finished product and all their processes are done by their in-house team. The best part about their agency is that they understand your brand before developing a solution.

They get to know exactly what you’re looking for and create a visually stunning solution that will hold your customers. Neuralab is also good with communication and replies to emails really quickly, which I like.

7. Báchoo

While Báchoo offers design, development, and marketing solutions for ecommerce websites, their main focus is on exceptional designs and a smooth user experience.

They have some really creative ideas up their sleeve and they serve retail as well as wholesale ecommerce merchants.

They integrate marketing strategies in their design and development processes so the website doesn’t just look good and perform great, but also reaches out to a wider audience.

Their designs are visually sophisticated and come with streamlined UX so your customers can have an easy shopping experience.

I’ve gone through some of their projects and noticed that they create a distinguished aesthetic appeal with their websites.

8. Gomage

Ecommerce sites are all about boosting revenue and that’s what Gomage does for you. They make sure the website is Google-friendly so it reaches more customers and you get more sales.

Gomage focuses on increasing ROI for you. Whether you want a complete design overhaul for your website or a full-fledged marketing campaign to get traffic, they do it all.

With the right UI/UX, you can convert a casual browsing activity into a sale.

Gomage is for online retailers as well as ecommerce SaaS solution providers. They specialize in headless development, Adobe Commerce consulting, mobile commerce, PWA services, web designing, and more.


I contacted about 25 ecommerce design agencies and shortlisted eight of them for this article. All of them provide extraordinary web design services for ecommerce retailers as well as wholesalers.

While there might be some differences in the services of these agencies, all of them provide exceptional services, especially in web design.

While writing the review, I also kept their response time in mind. I didn’t want to go for companies that reply within 3 business days.

All these agencies replied within a few hours (can vary depending on their time zones). I’m happy with their portfolios and how they interacted with me.

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