10 Best Wix Ecommerce Website Examples in 2024

 Wix is one of the world’s most popular website builders for a reason. It’s easy to use, cost-effective, and it even allows you to launch your own online store with minimal effort.

While Wix isn’t my favorite ecommerce builder overall, it is one of my top picks for smaller companies and creators who only want to sell a handful of items online.

If you’re a beginner in the ecommerce space, Wix will give you the responsive templates, fast-paced checkout, and basic inventory management tools you need to start making a profit.

However, before you choose Wix as your ecommerce platform, you might want to see exactly what you can do with the tech.

That’s why I curated this list of impressive Wix website examples, to give you a first-hand view of what’s possible with the platform.

The Top Wix Ecommerce Examples

At Ecomm.Design.com, we’re committed to sharing online store examples, ecommerce design inspiration and templates that help businesses from all industries launch their online presence.

The following list of Wix ecommerce website examples are based on the countless reviews we’ve conducted of high-performing websites. If you want even more inspiration, you can check out our Wix design inspiration page here.

1. Pepper Home

pepper home best wix ecommerce website designs

Pepper Home is a company that produces high-quality solutions for home décor and design. They offer everything from custom-made wallpaper, to fabrics for creating your own curtains, throw pillows, shower curtains, and more.

What I really love about this website is how it demonstrates how flexible Wix’s product pages can be.

Since the company allows users to order “custom” products, most of its product pages feature a range of options, with color swatches for different aspects of every design, size options and more.

As you adjust your order, the Wix website automatically upgrades your order total, giving you complete visibility into what you pay before you add anything to your cart.

Pepper Home also takes advantage of Wix’s blogging functionality, and a custom integration for a social media feed, which it uses for social proof.

2. Nuori

nuori best wix ecommerce website designs

Based in the UK, Nuori is a company that sells natural skin and beauty products, designed specifically for people with sensitive skin.

The company was created with a focus on “Scandinavian minimalism” and that’s something that definitely shows in the website’s sleek and simplistic design.

There are a few particularly impressive elements to this website. The first is how interactive it is, with animated pictures, and a scrolling banner at the top of each page to showcase the company’s latest offers.

I also love how the site is organized, with a comprehensive “store” section, featuring numerous categories, and filters for sorting by skin type, or skin problem.

Nuori has even used Wix’s tools to create a “skincare quiz” for its customers, that directs each visitor to the perfect product for their needs, allowing for a more personalized shopping experience.

3. Margaux

Margaux best wix ecommerce website designs

Footwear company, Margaux, has earned significant attention in recent years for its unique approach to designing shoes that offer both style, and comfort.

This Wix ecommerce website has plenty of great features worth pointing out, from the miniature video on its homepage that draws attention to it’s products, and the design team, to the included blog for content marketing.

The shop is also beautifully designed, with different sections for trending styles, bridal shoes, best sellers, and more.

I was particularly impressed by the custom-made application on the website, which allows users to “design their own” shoes. You simply click on the style of shoe you like, and you’re taken to a page where you can choose colors, personalization elements, buckles and more.

Plus, I love the fact that Margaux includes comments and reviews on all of its product pages, so you can check out what other customers think before you make a purchase.

4. Rebecca Ink

rebecca ink best wix ecommerce website designs

As I mentioned above, I usually recommend Wix as an ecommerce platform to smaller companies and creators with a limited product portfolio.

It doesn’t have the most robust ecommerce features, but it’s ideal for selling just a handful of products. That makes it a great fit for the Rebecca Ink brand.

This company, launched by artist Rebecca, sells a variety of coloring pages, prints, and specialty gifts.

One particularly interesting thing about the site is it also includes links to Rebecca’s other sales channels, on platforms like Society 6, so visitors have more than one way to shop.

The website also takes advantage of Wix’s content creation tools, with a fantastic section dedicated to sharing drawing tutorials with beginners. This is a great way for Rebecca to collect contact details and subscribers for her newsletter.

5. Sproos

sproos best wix ecommerce website designs

The Sproos company sells unique shower systems and accessories, designed to transform your bathroom experience. I love just about everything this website has to offer, from it’s bright and colorful theme, complete with stunning photographs, to its animated image sections.

Every part of the website looks professional, and well-made, which is a testament to how easy Wix makes it to create a fantastic ecommerce store.

Plus, there’s a brilliant built-in chatbot feature, powered by the Gorgias integration for Wix, which allows you to quickly ask questions as you shop.

The product pages are definitely the most impressive part of this website, with gifs that show you how the products work, reviews sourced from social media, and custom illustrations.

6. Ketnipz

KETNIPZ best wix ecommerce website designs

Though the website theme is relatively minimalistic, with plenty of white space, the custom illustrations and images are packed with personality.

This is also one of the most comprehensive examples of a Wix ecommerce website I’ve seen, with multiple sections for apparel, plushies, footwear, accessories, and even “mystery bundles”.

The site is fully mobile responsive, and the store is easy to navigate. There are even “Sold Out” tags included on certain items, so you know which products aren’t available to purchase.

I also appreciate the fact that this website gives customers plenty of payment options to choose from, including PayPal, and Apple or Google Pay.

The only thing missing in my opinion is a blog section, but Ketnipz does include links to its social media profiles on the site, which shows it is taking steps to boost brand awareness.

7. Mia Mau

Miu-Mau best wix ecommerce website designs

Otherwise known as “Mammamiu.com”, Mai Mui is a website clearly designed for the creator economy era. Here, visitors will find a range of unique products to explore, including hand-made original art, jewelry, temporary tattoos, mugs, buttons, and even free downloads.

The shop section is relatively simple, but it’s well designed, with large product images, and clearly labelled sections, so you can filter through the products you’re interested in quickly.

It also features a handy “sort by” option, making it easy to organize products by their price or what’s new.

I also love the “Projects” section, which is Mia Mua’s version of blog page, where they share insights into their art work, as well as tips for aspiring creators.

8. Not Just Pajama

not just pijama best wix ecommerce website designs

Not Just Pajama is a company that sells sleepwear in a range of forms, from silk lingerie and dresses to velvet slippers. Like most of the Wix ecommerce website examples here, it benefits from a stunning responsive template, packed with high-quality photography.

There are even animated sections on the website that grab your attention as you scroll through, and draw attention to the unique materials the brand uses in their products.

The best thing about the store section of this website is how easy it is to navigate. You can sort through products by category, choose your ideal price with a slider, and decide to organize products based on their price, when they were added to the store, and more.

There’s even a button that allows you to automatically remove “out of stock” items from your search.

9. Evolve Clothing Gallery

Evolve best wix ecommerce website designs

The Evolve Clothing Gallery is a fashion company best known for its high-quality, luxury garments. The brand sells everything from gorgeous eyewear and hats to stunning footwear, and everyday t-shirts.

Unlike most clothing companies, Evolve doesn’t just sell its own branded products, it sources clothing from a range of well-known designers.

Almost every aspect of this website looks incredible, from the sleek product category pages, with plenty of white space between each professional photograph, to the homepage, which uses a unique scrolling effect to immerse you in the experience as you move through the content.

I love the fact that Evolve also takes advantage of unique shipping options supported by Wix, such as giving customers the opportunity to order products online and pick them up in-store.

10. Togetherness Design

Togetherness best wix ecommerce website designs

Well-known for its use of bold prints and patterns in clothing, Togetherness Design is an innovative fashion company with a bright and colorful website. I love how the small details on this website showcase the unique personality of the brand, without being overwhelming.

The store section is well-formatted, with animated images that change as you hover over them, and a convenient “add-to-cart” button in the category pages.

I also like how the company gives you plenty of payment options, including a buy-now-pay-later solution through AfterPay.

Plus, the company encourages customers to share the products they love on social media, with buttons on every project page encouraging sharing, even through channels like WhatsApp.

The Best Wix Ecommerce Store Design Examples

While Wix might not be my top pick for every ecommerce store owner, it’s still a great platform, particularly for beginners with limited products to sell.

Wix makes it easy to launch a store selling a variety of different products, and engage your users with blogs and marketing campaigns.

Plus, Wix’s templates are beautiful, highly customizable, and responsive, so you shouldn’t have trouble designing an amazing user experience.

If you’re looking for more inspiration on what you can do with a Wix ecommerce website, make sure you check out our full ecommerce website design gallery.

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