Shopify $1 Trial: How to Get a Month of Shopify for $1

If you’re thinking of launching an ecommerce store with Shopify, taking advantage of the Shopify $1 trial is a great way to save money on setting up your new store. Following the 3 day free trial period, you can continue to access all the features of Shopify Basic for just $1 for a whole month.

Shopify is one of the top ecommerce platform providers in the world, offering access to omnichannel selling across marketplaces and social media, an easy-to-use interface, powerful business management tools and a world-leading checkout.

Plus, it gives you the freedom to extend the functionality of your store with a huge range of apps and integrations.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how you can experiment with all of unique features of the platform with the new Shopify $1 deal.

What is Shopify? A Quick Introduction

Shopify is a world-leading omnichannel commerce platform, used by entrepreneurs all over the globe. It offers access to one of the top payment gateways available, a fantastic range of themes to help ensure your store stands out, and simple functionality for beginners.

shopify yearly pricing

Whether you’re looking for support for multiple sales channels, advanced business management tools, or just the perfect solution for dropshipping, Shopify has the functionality you’ll need.

Shopify’s features even include access to tools for marketing, like Shopify Email and Shopify Inbox, a built-in point of sale solution (Shopify POS), and powerful reporting and analytics on every plan.

However, it’s not always easy to determine which of Shopify’s pricing plans you need straight away. Since the free Shopify trial only lasts three days, Shopify offers users an opportunity to experiment with their feature set for longer, with an extended trial for $1 for the first month.

What is the Shopify Extended Trial Deal?

Shopify’s trial deals have changed a few times over the years. In the past, beginners could build a Shopify store and start experimenting with the features of the platform for a full 14 days without paying anything. Now, however, the Shopify free trial only lasts 3 days.

After that, you’ll need to choose one of Shopify’s paid plans to continue accessing your store. Fortunately, Shopify now gives users the beginners to extend their 3-day trial, with access to the “Basic Shopify” plan for a full month, for just $1.

The one month offer is available to any business owner accessing Shopify for the first time, and includes access to all the central features you need to build and manage your storefront.

Business owners can access Shopify’s SEO features, payment gateway, themes, and inventory management tools, all for just one dollar. Once the trial ends, you can decide whether you want to upgrade your Shopify account, or stick with the Basic Shopify plan for $39 per month, or $29 per month paid annually.

The Shopify 3 Months for $1 Deal

Notably, there was a deal available from Shopify in the past which allowed users to access a Basic Shopify plan for $1 for the first three months. This offer, launched in 2022, extended the 3-day trial for new business owners, similar to the deal available today.

However, Shopify has since reduced the offer, to only one month for $1. Although the one month plan might not seem like as good of a deal, it still gives you plenty of time to build your online business, and decide exactly which plan you need.

Like the 3 month trial for $1, you’ll get full access to the Basic Shopify plan, which means you can build an online store, start selling products (with Shopify Payments or an integrated payment processor), and access 24/7 support.

However, with the Shopify $1 first month trial, there’s also the option to experiment with two of Shopify’s more expensive plans for just one dollar. You can choose to access Shopify Basic, Shopify, or Shopify Advanced for $1 for your first month, if you’re a new customer.

How to Access the Shopify $1 Trial

Notably, you’ll only be able to access the Shopify $1 trial if you’re a new vendor on the platform. Unfortunately, if you already have an account using any of Shopify’s central plans, this package won’t be available to you.

However, you can upgrade to a Basic plan from the Shopify Starter plan for $1 if you’re only using the solution that allows you to sell through social media and messaging apps.

Keep in mind, Shopify does change its deals regularly, so if you want to take advantage of the $1 month offer, it’s worth jumping in straight away.

Step 1: Sign up for a Shopify Account

The first step involved in accessing Shopify’s $1 trial deal is signing up for a Shopify account. Simply visit the Shopify website and click on the Pricing page to access the “free trial” option for your first three days. You can also click the button at the top of the website screen labelled “Start Free Trial”.

start shopify free trial

Once you click on this button, you’ll be prompted to enter an email address and password for your Shopify account. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up, and you won’t need to enter any credit card details initially.

Step 2: Finish the Set Up Process

When you enter your details for the free trial, you’ll go through a brief setup process, where you’ll be asked questions about your store, where you want to sell your products, which currencies you want to accept (such as USD) and so on. You can also link your store to your social media accounts, enter a store name, and choose payment methods.

shopify setup process

Notably, you can choose to skip the initial setup process when you get Shopify and go straight to the dashboard instead, but you will need to configure your settings later.

Step 3: Access the $1 Month Deal

You can either take this step immediately when you launch your free trial, or wait until the free trial period (3 days) runs out.

When you’re ready to move to a standard Shopify plan, visit the dashboard on your Shopify store account, and select the “Pick a Plan” button.

shopify pick a plan

Unlike the previous $1 plan, the current offer allows you to access Shopify Basic, Shopify, or Shopify Advanced for $1 for the first month. We recommend choosing the plan that you’re most likely to continue with, based on your needs:

  • Shopify Basic: $39 per month of $29 per month annually. Ideal for solo entrepreneurs, with 10 inventory locations, 24/7 support, POS Lite, and localized global selling.
  • Shopify: $105 per month or $79 per month annually. Includes all the features of Basic, plus 5 additional staff accounts.
  • Shopify Advanced: $399 per month or $299 per month annually. All the features of Shopify, plus custom reports and analytics, advanced chat support, 15 staff accounts, and 10 x checkout capacity for larger companies.

Shopify Plus, which starts at $2,300 per month isn’t included on the $1 deal.

Step 4: Enter your Payment Details

Fill out all of the required information and click the “Next” button when prompted. When you’re ready, you’ll be able to click the “Start Plan” button, and this will upgrade you to your chosen plan for $1 for the first month. All plans will include 24/7 support even when you’re using the $1 deal.

shopify pricing plans

You can also find Shopify tutorial guides and FAQs on the website that will guide you through the process of making the most of your new subscription plan.

Step 5: Continuing with Shopify

When the Shopify $1 trial ends, you’ll need to decide whether you want to continue running your store with the same plan, cancel your account, or upgrade/ downgrade to a different plan.

Notably, if you cancel your plan, you won’t be able to continue using your Shopify store.

Simply choose the plan you want to continue with on Shopify’s “Pick a Plan” page. You should already have entered your payment details, so switching plans should be simple.

What You Can Do with Shopify’s $1 Trial

The Shopify $1 trial is an excellent way to experiment with all of the features Shopify has to offer, while saving money on your initial store setup. You should get the exact same experience with the trial offer as you would with Shopify’s standard plans.

This means you can still access the support team on a 24/7 basis (with enhanced chat on the Advanced plan). You can also add integrations from the Shopify app store to your website, set up shipping rates, design landing page and website content and more.

During the Shopify 1 dollar trial period, we recommend to:

Create your Shopify store

Design your Shopify store using either Shopify’s free or premium themes, and create all of your essential pages. This includes your home page, and contact page, and your product pages and collections.

Set up payment methods:

Choose your payment processor (we recommend using Shopify Payments to avoid extra transaction fees). You can also connect third-party payment options like PayPal, and choose your shipping rates.

Configure Shopify settings

Configure all of the additional settings on Shopify. Set up accounts for team members (depending on the plan you choose), inventory management settings, product catalogues, and anything else you might need.

Access additional features and apps:

Consider setting up Shopify’s POS Lite solution for in-person selling, and check out the available integrations on the app store. Remember that apps and plugins can come with an additional monthly fee.

Purchase a domain name

Although you won’t get a free domain included with your Shopify trial offer, it’s worth purchasing a domain name for your store. Remember you can transfer this domain name to another ecommerce platform if necessary.

Taking Advantage of the Shopify $1 Trial

Although the current Shopify $1 trial doesn’t last as long as the previous three month trial offer, it’s still a great way to experiment with the Shopify ecommerce platform, and start setting up your store. You can save up to $398 (if you choose the Advanced plan) with this initial deal, making it a great option for beginners on Shopify.

Plus, you’ll still have access to excellent customer support, and all of the central features you need to build and manage your store.

Do remember to update your Shopify pricing plan at the end of the trial deal, however, to ensure you can continue to run your store once the trial ends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Shopify Free to Use?

Shopify isn’t free to use. The only way to access Shopify for free is with the initial three day free trial. However, you can extend the trial period for 1 month for just $1, and gain access to any of the three central Shopify plans (Basic, Shopify, and Advanced).

When does the Shopify free trial start?

Shopify’s free trial starts the moment you sign up for an account. This means it’s important to start working on your store immediately if you want to take full advanced of the first 3 days you get for free. The $1 deal will start when you activate it for your online store.

What happens when the 3-day trial ends?

When your 3-day free trial ends with Shopify, you’ll currently have the option to access a month of Shopify for $1. You will need to enter your payment details to access this deal, and you’ll need to ensure you choose a paid plan at the end of the trial period.

How Much Does Shopify Cost?

Although you can sell through social media and messaging apps with Shopify for just $5 per month, the plans that include the full website builder start at $39 per month or $29 annually for the Basic plan. The Shopify plan costs $105 or $79 per month paid annually, and the Advanced plan costs $399 or $299 per month paid annually. Shopify Plus starts at $2,300 per month.

Can You Sell During the Shopify $1 Trial

Yes, you can sell products during the $1 trial, provided you set up your payment processing settings and configure your store correctly. Remember, you will need to choose a long-term paid plan with Shopify to continue selling through your store.

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