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Apprvl was founded in the summer of 2014 by Megan Mussari through her intuitive curiosity in natural dyes and desire to make quality products by hand.

With a background in the fashion and textiles industry, Megan saw and felt first-hand the harsh effects of synthetic dyes in mass production. In an effort to find friendlier alternatives, her studies and explorations in natural dyeing began. Through these endeavors, Megan was able to focus on the Japanese tradition of Shibori indigo dyeing. These methods provide structure while also allowing for experimentation in an effort to broaden knowledge, skills and inspirations. Apprvl is run from Megan’s artist studio in Brooklyn, New York.

Apprvl is a constant search and exploration inspired by natural movements. Our collection of unique goods are handmade & hand dyed in NYC from natural dyes and fibers. By embracing the beauty of human error within the dyeing process, each design is truly one of a kind.

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