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An entrepreneur by the name of John Tompane, and his brother, were chatting with a good friend. The friend shared the struggle his wife endured after she underwent three back surgeries following a horseback riding accident. She experienced chronic pain that kept her awake night after night. In order to get some sleep, she felt her only option was to take strong painkillers. With no healthy options, she set out to see if a new bed could bring her relief. She and her husband went through mattress after mattress, until the mattress store ultimately asked them to stop coming back.

Inspired by this story, the three friends set out to see if new technology could be harnessed to improve sleep, creating a calm, comfortable, and natural sleep environment to meet the unique needs of each individual. A few years later, John co-founded BRYTE with Ely Tsern and Jonny Farringdon, with the goal of making sleepless nights a thing of the past. They founded the company, bringing together technologists, sleep scientists, bed experts, and evangelists who are driven by our core mission of harnessing technology to help reunite humanity with sleep.

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