12 Best Squarespace Ecommerce Website Examples for 2024

Squarespace is one of the most popular website builders among creatives and artists, thanks to its stunning professionally designed templates, and ease of use.

However, it’s also one of my favorite ecommerce solutions, particularly for low-volume sellers, and beginners looking for the best designs in the industry.

While Squarespace’s ecommerce features might not be as robust as those offered by Shopify, you’ll still get everything you need to build an impressive store.

If you’re wondering just how versatile and attractive Squarespace stores can be, you’re about to see for yourself.

I’ve curated this list of Squarespace ecommerce website examples, to inspire anyone thinking of building their own store with Squarespace.

The Top Squarespace Ecommerce Examples

There are hundreds of thousands of stores built with Squarespace currently on the web. Since I can’t cover all of them here, I’ve selected this list based on impressive designs we’ve already encountered at ecomm.design. You can see our full list of the best Squarespace designs for ecommerce here.

1. The SisterYard

the sisteryard homepage

Health-conscious beverage company, the SisterYard produces naturally hydrating cold-brew coffee drinks, infused with coconut water.

The company’s ecommerce store is beautifully designed, with a sleek, simple template, packed with interactive elements to guide you through the page.

I love how well-organized the store page are, with dedicated catalog sections that make it easy to find the ideal product, as well as instant “add-to-cart” buttons that streamline the shopping journey.

There’s even a fantastic “recipes” page, where you can find inspiration for how to use the SisterYard’s unique products in a range of different hot and cold beverages.

2. Supernatural Kitchen


Bold and bright, the Supernatural Kitchen’s website instantly highlights the company’s focus on developing delicious food products that delight and inspire bakers.

The company’s hero section is particularly impressive, giving the website a clean and professional look.

As you scroll down, you get fantastic insights into the company’s eco-conscious and healthy approach to product development.

Plus, there’s a great social media carousel, where you can see what other people are creating with Supernatural’s products.

I love the shop section on this website too, with it’s amazing photographs, and simple layout, featuring plenty of white space, and animated product cards.

3. Melula

melula hoepage

Children’s fashion company, Melula, demonstrates just how attractive a simple Squarespace website can be.

The professional photography really stands out on this website, allowing the company to take a “show not tell” approach to demonstrating what makes their products special.

Every part of the website is clean, modern, and minimalistic, ensuring that the colorful products draw your attention more than anything else.

I also appreciate the fact that Melula clearly outlines everything you need to know about each product on its product page, including details about the materials used, the unique features, and the sizing.

If you want to create a minimalistic, but sophisticated looking store, I’d definitely recommend replicating Melula’s design strategy.

4. Spaceblasters

space blasters

Spaceblasters is another of my favorite Squarespace ecommerce website examples, thanks to it’s stunning hero section.

The unique photo at the top of the homepage immediately grabs attention, and highlights what makes the company unique.

Spaceblasters uses minimal copy in most of their pages, with a beautifully designed store section that draws attention to the key features of each product with illustrated elements.

There’s an instant “add-to-cart” button for each product, for a quicker shopping experience, or you can simply click the “About” section to learn more about each item.

I love how this website has playful elements, while still maintaining a professional image, connected to its “space exploration” theme.

5. Rally

rally homepage

Beverage company Rally is changing the beer industry, with products designed to not only taste great, but make you feel fantastic too. Each drink is brewed with whole foods, to give you a crucial boost in nutrients and minerals as you drink.

Once again, the shop section on this website looks fantastic, with a fantastic “shop all” page, where you can learn more about each of the items Rally sells.

I also love the individual product pages, where you can customize your order size, and explore the ingredients used in each drink.

Plus, Rally takes advantage of Squarespace’s flexible payment processing solutions, to offer customers a range of ways to pay for their order.


aaks homepage

Created by Akosua Afriyie-Kumi, the AAKS store was designed to introduce consumers to the unique weaving techniques used in Ghana.

This ethical, and sustainable fashion store is packed with impressive features, from the awe-inspiring photography to the animated components that move and expand when you hover over them.

I love how the product pages don’t just show standard images of each item, but also include professional lifestyle shots to help customers visualize what the product really looks like in use.

Plus, the sticky product description on each product page stays with you as you scroll through the images, so you can instantly click the “add to cart” button without scrolling back up.

7. Yolamezcal


Yolamezcal sells custom-made alcoholic beverages, that feature a unique family recipe, passed down through generations. I was impressed by how this store’s website introduces you to the history of the product, with emotional copy sections discussing heritage and inspiration.

Like most of the Squarespace ecommerce examples mentioned here, the website is clean, modern, and simple, with an ultra-responsive design that works on any device. Plus, since the company is selling alcoholic beverages, they use age verification pages to ensure safety.

The store section is fantastic too. Although there’s only a handful of items on offer, each product page is packed with useful information about ingredients, flavors, and more.

8. Mango People

Health and beauty company “Mango People”, sells beauty products made with natural, carbon-neutral ingredients.

What impresses me most about this site is the fact that you can see all of the information you need to know about the company’s products directly on the home screen.

Not only are there fantastic photos of each item, but there are star ratings (For social proof), and pricing information is included too.

The shop section includes animated components to grab your attention instantly, as well as scrolling lists of product benefits.

Plus, there’s a handy “quick add” button if you want to fill your basket without visiting each product page individually.

9. Lillian farag

Lillian Farag is a fashion company committed to selling high-quality leather goods, featuring stunning prints and patterns.

Like many of the Squarespace ecommerce examples reviewed here, the company’s website takes advantage of Squarespace’s huge image sections to showcase unique and eye-catching photography for all of their products.

The shop section is clean and minimal, with plenty of white space, as well as handy tags to show you at a glance which products are sold out.

Customers can also filter through product options with a sticky sidebar of categories, covering everything from accessories, to clutch bags.

10. Eleonor Bostrom

The Elenor Bostrom company, known for its unique home accessories, is a great example of a Squarespace store that makes its products the main focus.

There’s no traditional “home page”. Instead, you’ll immediately see a selection of the company’s latest products.

All of the product images are animated, showing you the designs from different angles as you hover over them.

When you click on a product, you’re instantly sent to a dedicated page where you’ll see a simple, straightforward product description, a Pinterest pin button, and an add to cart button.

The site is straightforward, simple, and clearly designed to optimize and streamline the customer journey.

11. Minna

minna homepage

Organic tea company Minna sells carbonated tea beverages in a range of delicious flavors. The first thing that caught my attention on this website was the hero image, which features a truly enticing photograph of Minna drinks being poured into glasses.

As you scrolls through the site, you’ll see color-coded product sections that highlight the ingredients in each drink, alongside a quick “add to cart” button.

Another impressive thing about this website is that it supports omnichannel selling, with a direct link to the company’s Amazon store at the top of the page.

The only thing I’d change about this website would be to make the menu sticky, so it scrolls with you.

12. Soilboy

soilboy homepage

As you can probably tell from the name, the Soilboy company sells plants, as well as workshops teaching you how to care for the various flora you own.

This offers a great insight into the range of products and services you can sell through a Squarespace store.

I love how natural and organic the theme feels for this website, as well as the beautiful photography used throughout each page.

I was also impressed by the fantastic “featured product” section, which uses animation to draw attention to the company’s latest offerings.

Plus, the product pages are beautifully designed, with robust plant care guide and description sections, as well as numerous high-quality pictures showing the products from every angle.

The Best Squarespace Ecommerce Store Examples

Hopefully, the Squarespace ecommerce store examples mentioned above give you an insight into how versatile and effective Squarespace can be as a platform for online selling.

Squarespace gives you the eye-catching templates and design elements you need to entice shoppers in any industry.

Plus, it’s versatile selling features make it easy to provide customers with a streamlined and intuitive shopping experience.

Make sure you check out our complete collection of Squarespace designs for more inspiration, if you’re planning to build your own Squarespace store.

View more Squarespace ecommerce websites in our design gallery.

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