Tapcart Review: What is Tapcart and How Does it Work?

In today’s Tapcart review, I’ll take a closer look at one of the more popular apps for modern Shopify stores. One of the reasons why Shopify stands out as a leading solution for ecommerce sales, is its incredible flexibility.

The solution comes with a huge app marketplace, filled with ways to optimize your store and boost functionality.

Tapcart is just one of the available options within the Shopify app market, with an excellent reputation among online sellers. The tool is designed specifically for Shopify stores, to help business leaders increase their order volume by transforming their website into an online app.

As the global market for mobile commerce continues to accelerate, the industry is set to reach a value of up to $4,711.9 billion by 2027. Tapcart gives organizations the functionality they need to claim their part of this transforming space.

Quick Verdict

Tapcart ensures making a new app is simple for Shopify merchants, even if they have no experience designing their own shopping app. Just keep in mind, this Santa Monica company doesn’t have the lowest prices out there for creating mobile websites.

What is Tapcart?

Let’s start with the basics: what is Tapcart?

tapcart homepage

Tapcart is a mobile app builder found within the Shopify app store, with an exceptional 5-star rating among business owners. 4The Shopify Plus certified mobile app provider serves thousands of growing brands across the web, including Fashion Nova, Pier 1, and Culture Kings.

Launched in 2017, the app was designed to provide companies with a more convenient way of transforming their existing online store into a fully-featured mobile app. With Tapcart, entrepreneurs can immediately convert their store into a mobile app, with a simple drag-and-drop editor.

There’s no coding required, and the system automatically syncs the store’s backend with the mobile app.

The solution supports product management, collections, inventory control, pricing, images, and discounts – all of which update in real-time. Plus, to boost your chances of sales, you’ll also have access to free push notifications, designed to grab the attention of your target audience.

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The one thing I found that makes Tapcart such an impressive option for a wide range of companies, is its huge variety of available features. Without hiring a developer or programming expert, business leaders can create a fully native, high-performance app for their store in minutes.

tapcart features

Here are some of the key features you can expect from Tapcart:

Drag and drop editor

Rather than having to mess around with code and programming, users can leverage an intuitive drag-and-drop editor to adjust the various aspects of their website for a mobile platform. The convenient solution allows business leaders to easily create and manage their app, without any prior knowledge.

You can design the layout of your app to match your online store perfectly, and add as many branding elements as you choose.

There’s also extensive customization to make your product pages and other parts of your site stand out. The experience is very straightforward for beginners, and lacks any of the complexity associated with other mobile app solutions.

Push notifications

Aside from simply giving business leaders a presence in the mobile world, Tapcart also makes it easier for companies to boost their chances of sales. The eCommerce app builder comes with communication features built-in, so you can reach your users directly on their smartphone.

Convenient push notifications send simple and engaging messages directly to the home screen of your customer’s phone.

You can design these notifications to send as a result of trigger actions, such as when someone leaves something in their ecommerce cart. There’s also the option to run timed promotions and sales, based on your schedule.

Quick and Convenient checkout

To increase conversions even further, Tapcart comes with a straightforward, reliable, and lightning-fast checkout experience.

As consumers continue to use their mobile devices as a quick and convenient way to purchase products, they’re looking for a straightforward and trustworthy checkout experience. Tapcart ensures Shopify store owners can deliver this simplicity.

All Tapcart apps are optimized for conversion, with a checkout environment capable of pre-filling shipping information for members.

There’s also support for multiple payment providers, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and PayPal. This means customers can choose the payment solution they want from a convenient, all-in-one checkout page.

Marketing Automation

Nurturing leads is an important part of generating consistent repeat sales for your Shopify store. Fortunately, Tapcart can assist with this too.

The application builder comes with its own automated marketing system known as “Tapcart Drops”. This feature allows business owners to automate their campaigns, setting new releases and sales to appear at specific times.

You can automatically launch a new product or collection, or simply schedule promotions whenever you choose, just like you would with your desktop Shopify store. Implementing your automated campaigns is as easy as clicking a button.

QR Codes

Ideal for attracting the latest generation of mobile shoppers, Tapcart also allows you to embed different forms of marketing assets into your app. The “Capture Kit” tool supports the creation of customized and branded QR codes, to drive more app installs, and level up your contact list.

QR codes are particularly useful for both online and offline sellers looking to create a more consistent omnichannel experience for customers. You can install your QR codes on your website in a single click, and use them in all of your marketing materials too.

Cart Abandonment

Research tells us approximately 69.57% of all online shopping carts are abandoned. In today’s world, where customers are constantly overwhelmed by distractions, it’s important to have a viable way of bringing people back to your store when they forget to purchase.

Dedicated cart abandonment push notifications help to bring users back to their abandoned carts with automated messages. As soon as someone leaves the checkout, you can send a notification straight to their phone to let them know what they forgot.

Optimized Search

If your customers are on the hunt for a particular product on your website, Tapcart can help them to find it. The app building solution allows business leaders to embed optimized and intelligent search bars into the mobile environment.

The search function automatically suggests potential products, and comes with filters and sorting options, so your customers can find what they need fast.

Free gifts and promotions

If you’re looking for a quick way to improve your chances of customers making a purchase, the “free gift” function from Tapcart is a great option. This solution gives companies a way of incentivizing their customers to purchase, by allowing them to unlock free gifts.

You can set up rules which automatically deliver free gifts, discounts, and offers to your audience when they cross a specific cart value threshold. The result is a higher AOV, better checkout conversion rates, and happier customers overall.

Product reviews

The majority of today’s customers prefer to read reviews before they’re willing to make a purchase from an online store. Fortunately, Tapcart has a built-in feature to help with this. You can implement social proof solutions which request reviews and testimonials from your customer automatically after each purchase, with included 5-star ratings.

Once you’ve collected feedback from your audience, Tapcart also allows you to display it directly on your store, so your customers can hear from real users before they checkout.

Customer accounts

For more personalized shopping experiences, companies can use Tapcart to give consumers an option to set up their own account. Clients can set up an account in no time, and use their app to keep track of things like orders, repeat purchase, subscriptions, and even rewards.

The app building solution takes full advantage of the wide range of features offered by Shopify to enhance the checkout process. Customers with accounts can pre-fill their shipping information. Plus, there’s real-time tracking information for each order.

Branded content

For better engagement and repeat customer numbers, businesses can also use Tapcart to create and publish custom branded content. The content creation tool allows for the development of blogs, look books, videos, and countless other options within the mobile app.

The great thing about the branded content feature, is it ensures companies can engage shoppers, and convince them to spend more time browsing their app.


Alongside a phenomenal range of built-in features, Tapcart also comes with excellent flexibility to give businesses new ways to add extra functionality to their mobile app. The product is designed to integrate with a range of other powerful Shopify tools and add-ons.

For instance, you can integrate directly with Facebook to combine your push notification marketing with social media advertising strategies.

There’s an integration with Klaviyo to support email marketing and newsletters, and you can set up rewards with Stamped.

Some of the top Tapcart integration options for mobile websites include:

  • Fast Simon: Intelligent search functionality
  • Stamped: Social proof and customer reviews
  • Klaviyo: Engaging push notifications and email
  • Heap: Customer data capturing tools
  • Facebook: Social media marketing
  • Nosto: AI-powered personalization
  • Foursixty: Add a Shoppable Instagram gallery
  • Google maps: Make it easy for customers to find their address
  • Barcode scanner: Connect mobile and offline experiences
  • Trustproof: Collect reviews with feedback requests
  • Searchanise: Increase sales with excellent search results
  • Firebase analytics: In-depth insights and reports
  • LoyaltyLion: Custom loyalty programs
  • Yotpo: Customer reviews and insights
  • Talkable: In-app referrals

The options for integrations are constantly evolving. Tapcart also integrates with Tapcart, Okendo, Appsflyer, Recharge, Smile.io, Swym, Narvar, and more. Whether you want to design more advanced product detail pages, or unique loyalty campaigns, there’s an integration for everyone.

TapCart Review: Support

If you ever have issues with your app, or you need assistance taking your Shopify store to the next level, TapCart has plenty of support options to choose from. There’s a comprehensive Support Center, packed with relevant content to get you started.

The step-by-step guides, blogs, and eBooks tell you everything you need to know about using Tapcart, building your pages, and adjusting app settings.

You can also learn more about boosting engagement, setting up integrations, and exploring your app analytics.

If you can’t find the help you need on the Support Center, there are also plenty of ways to get in touch with Tapcart.

For instance, you can live chat with experts in real-time, provided you have an account with the Tapcart team. There’s also a phone number to reach the professional team, and an email address available too.

If you get a high price package for your iOS and Android mobile app, you’ll also get a dedicated account manager to help with app design, app development, and tips for customer retention.

Tapcart Pricing

We all have budgets to think about. While I found Tapcart to be an expensive app builder compared to other products, it does have a lot of value to offer in each pricing package.

tapcart pricing

Your options include:

  • Tapcart Core: $250 per month with designs featuring up to 15 blocks, three standard integrations, and access to unlimited push notifications.
  • Tapcart Ultimate: $550 per month for all the features of Core, as well as unlimited blocks, 6 standard integrations, and scheduled push notifications.
  • Tapcart Enterprise: Starting at $1,200 per month for all the features of Ultimate, plus app-wide automatic updates, unlimited integrations, and a dedicated app manager. You also get help building your app from a professional team.

All plans will also require an Apple Developer account, which costs around $99 per year, and a Google Play account for $25 (one time fee) to publish your creation.

Tapcart Review: Verdict

Hopefully, this Tapcart review has given you an insight into how you can bring your ecommerce store to your customers’ android or iPhone device with a simple drag-and-drop builder.

Whether you opt for the simple Tapcart plan, or the enterprise plan, you can expect a fantastic experience from start to finish. Tapcart is custom-made to help you get more from your Shopify store.

With the simple tool, you can create comprehensive marketing campaigns with push notifications, lookbooks, and even unlock new functionality with premium integrations.

You might need to do some budgeting before you can add this Shopify plugin to your wishlist, but it’s well worth the consideration if you have enough cash.

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