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Returns hurt. Refunds really hurt. Automate your e-commerce returns process with Loop and let’s drive refunds to zero.

What is Loop Returns?

The Features, Pricing and Benefits of Loop Returns

What is Loop Returns, and what can it do for your ecommerce business?

Dealing with returns is one of the most complex parts of managing an ecommerce store. Unfortunately, it’s also a common part of running an online business. Around 30% of products ordered online are returned, compared to less than 9% in brick and mortar stores.

Handling returns effectively is how business leaders ensure they can save time and money, retain more revenue, drive greater customer loyalty, and even reduce their carbon footprint.

Read on to find out how Loop Returns can help you accomplish all that and more, with a convenient service for your Shopify store.

What is Loop Returns?

Loop Returns is an API integration for Shopify stores, and a dedicated returns service. It essentially allows companies to create a self-service returns portal where customers can initiate a return at any time, without having to speak to a member of staff.

The items available for returns are displayed for the user, with images, and ineligible products are automatically greyed out, demonstrating which items can’t be returned. Once customers choose what they want to send back to your store, they’re encouraged to swap their returned product for another item of equal value, to help store owners retain revenue.

Loop even checks the inventory levels for exchange items in your store automatically, to reduce the risk of customers ordering unavailable products. Plus, it includes a useful survey, asking customers why they might want to return their products.

Loop Returns: An Example

Loop Returns streamlines the returns and exchange experience for both shoppers and business leaders alike, eliminating the need for complex processes. For instance, Fair Harbor uses Loop Returns to give customers a branded portal where they can handle the whole exchange process themselves:

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All users need to do is enter their order number, as well as their shipping address, email, or phone number to get started. The software then walks each user through the exchange process step-by-step, with insights into available exchange options.

Loop Returns Review: The Features

The overall purpose of Loop Returns is to simplify the return process for customers, and help business owners retain as much revenue as possible. By encouraging customers to exchange unwanted items, Loop prevents ecommerce stores from losing revenue.

The system also helps you to save time and money on the return process, minimize your carbon footprint, and improve customer loyalty, with a streamlined process.

The solution integrates directly with Shopify, and offers features such as:

  • Exchanges: On the Loop Returns portal customers can instantly choose to exchange products they don’t want for an item of equal value. Loop simplifies the exchange process, checking inventory automatically, and allowing customers to select sizes and colors. There’s even an option for implementing instant exchanges.
  • Logistics: Using partnerships with 3PL companies and shipping partners, Loop helps companies to save on shipping costs, with rate-shopping options. You can even offer customers printerless, boxless, and at-home pickup returns. Plus, there are options for working with sustainable partners to improve your green footprint.
  • Workflows: Workflows allow business owners to control their returns flow according to their specific needs. You can choose exactly how to handle returns, segment return policies for different customers, and promote sustainable return strategies.
  • Shop Now / Shop Later: The simple interface of the Loop Returns portal turns the exchange process into a simplified shopping experience. Customers can choose whether to select an exchange product straight away, or request credit for their returns so they can come back and shop later.
  • Integrations: Loop works seamlessly with a variety of different apps and platforms, from Shopify to FedEx, EcoCart, DHL, and many others. This ensures companies can create highly efficient returns processes, with all of their tools in one place. You can even build your own integrations with the API.
  • Insights: With Loop Returns, companies can track important metrics and insights designed to improve their store and revenue. You can see the average time it takes to process a return, determine which customers return the most products, and even learn why customers return certain products.
  • POS: For companies selling in brick and mortar stores, Loop offers a POS solution, You can select restock locations, make multiple returns and exchanges on the same order, and track information about your entire catalogue within the app.
  • Tracking: To improve your customer support strategy, Loop offers extensive tracking tools. You can send customized notifications with return and tracking information in one place, reducing return-related inquiries, and strengthening relationships with shoppers. You can even receive updates on terminal shipping errors within the Help Desk.

Loop Returns Pricing

Loop Returns keeps things simple with it’s pricing. Companies can choose between either a flat-fee pricing structure, or a usage-based price.

The flat fee options include:

  • Starter: Starting at $59 per month: 1 destination, automatic returns processing, return policies, store credits, refunds, gift receipts and gift returns, variant exchanges, negotiated rates, and analytics.
  • Essential: Starting at $165 per month: All the features of Starter plus 2 destinations, unlimited return policies, dynamic fees, custom URLs, testing environments, box-free, and label-free returns, and at-home pickups.
  • Advanced: Starting at $375 per month: All the features of Essential plus store credit incentives, shop now, and bonus credit.

Essential and Advanced plans can also include optional add-ons for advanced exchanges, workflows, bundles, printerless returns, instant exchanges, integrations, and insights.

Usage-based, or pay-as-you-go pricing is offered on a custom basis for each company.

Loop Returns Review: The Verdict

Ultimately, Loop Returns is a convenient, affordable, and powerful returns solution for Shopify brands. It helps to make returns and exchanges more straightforward for your customers, reducing the impact on your employees. What’s more, with a host of automation options, it gives you more time to focus on growing your business.

Loop Returns can even help you to reduce costs and retain more revenue, by encouraging exchanges and offering lower fees from shipping providers. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your returns and exchanges strategy, Loop Returns could be the ideal option.

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