16 Best Shopify Store Examples to Learn from in 2024

The best Shopify store examples are definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for inspiration for your new ecommerce website.

I consider Shopify to be one of the most versatile platforms out there, offering access to endless customizable themes, apps, and unique ways to make your store stand out.

If you want to create an incredible experience for your customers, differentiate yourself from the competition, and increase sales, Shopify can help you accomplish that. All you need is a little guidance to figure out where you want to get started.

I’ve curated this list of leading Shopify store examples to help set you on your path to success.

The Best Shopify Store Examples

At Ecomm.Design we help countless companies design incredible stores, built to optimize conversions. The following list of Shopify website examples was inspired by our own curated gallery of leading Shopify sites. Check out the full list here.

1. AllBirds

allbirds homepage

AllBirds is one of the most successful fashion companies using Shopify as its ecommerce platform. The company specializes in creating comfortable and stylish products with sustainable materials, and the design of its Shopify store draws excellent attention to its unique selling points.

I love the high-quality photography throughout the site, the new arrivals carousel, and the subdued color palette.

2. Camille Brinch

Camille-Brinch homepage

Camille Brinch, hobbyist turned jewelry icon, has a truly stunning Shopify store. The minimalistic layout, combined with large lifestyle images draws attention to the luxury and radiance of the company’s products.

I also appreciate the addition of extra features, like animated thumbnails, attractive videos, and a fantastic slide-in side menu.

3. Velasca

Velasca homepage

Velasca is a company known worldwide for it’s high-quality clothing and footwear, made in Italy. The great thing about this Shopify store example is how it draws attention to the heritage of the brand, while conveying quality and excellence with high-quality photos.

I’m a big fan of the detailed menus, that make it easy to find the products you want, and the eye-catching social media feed.

4. Troubadour

Troubadour homepage

Troubadour, created by Samuel Bail and Abel Samet, sells high-quality bags designed for adventurous people. The company’s Shopify store immediately grabs attention, with a high-quality hero video on the home page, and eye-catching pop-ups.

I love the unique lifestyle images, showing the products in use, and the fact that Troubadour shows star ratings alongside each of its bags.

5. Dryrobe

dryrobe homepage

Dryrobe is a niche company that sells original outdoor changing robes to people all over the world. This is another company that showcases its products with high-quality videos on the home page, allowing you to visualize what those robes can really do.

I was impressed by the social media feed on this site, as well as the social proof section, showing companies that Dryrobe supports.

6. Kith

Kith homepage

Men’s clothing company, Kith, sells simple but luxurious garments to people who want to make a statement with their fashion choices.

The great thing about this Shopify store example is how it lets its products do the talking for it. The high-quality photos on the front page, combined with videos and lifestyle shots, give the site a sense of sophistication.

7. Uppercase Magazine

UPPERCASE homepage

Uppercase Magazine is an excellent insight into how Shopify store owners can thrive in any niche. For more than a decade, the company has sold subscriptions, magazine issues and journals, while sharing amazing content on its blog.

The stunning design of this website, combined with the high quality photography really makes the store stand out.

8. Leif

leif homepage

This Shopify store example might be simple, but its effective. The Leif store sells home décor, artwork, and a range of other unique goods for fans of stunning aesthetics.

It’s beautiful products immediately grab attention with high-quality photographs. I also love how informative the footer on the website is, with links to crucial pages, and a newsletter sign-up form.

9. Lulu and Georgia

Lulu-and-Georgia homepage

The crisp and modern design of the Lulu and Georgia store gives it an incredibly professional appearance at first glance.

This company, known for selling rugs, furniture, and even outdoor goods, has a stunning website, with high-quality photos, carousels, and even a social media feed, where you can check out recent Instagram posts, and Stories.

10. Chaos

Chaos homepage

Fashion publication Chaos, or the “Chaos Club”, collaborates with some of the world’s biggest fashion houses on incredible books dedicated to the evolutions in the clothing industry.

Not only does this website have a fantastic, modern design, but the product pages are excellent, with carousels of images showing you what to expect inside each volume.

11. Negative

Negative homepage

Negative is a company committed to helping women feel confident in their bodies, regardless of their age or shape. It specializes in simple and comfortable lingerie products, and has achieved incredible growth in recent years, capturing the attention of a huge following.

The simple and professional design of the company’s Shopify store perfectly matches the brand’s personality.

12. Notpot

not pot homepage

NotPot is an innovative company selling CBD gummies and similar products designed to help people relax and sleep more soundly.

I love the playful design of this website, alongside its soft pastel color palette. Plus, the company takes full advantage of Shopify’s ability to create product bundles, allowing it to optimize its conversion rates with bigger sales.

13. Flex

flex homepage

Known for it’s eco-friendly and safe feminine hygiene products, Flex has attracted the attention of numerous customers and publications, including Glamour, Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

The company’s site is packed with great features, from scrolling banners, to animated images, and a fantastic social proof section showcasing thousands of five-star reviews.

14. Nerdwax

Nerdwax homepage

Nerdwax might have struggled to convince the Sharktank investors of the potential of their products, but that didn’t stop them from building one of the best Shopify store examples around.

Despite its simplicity, this store is packed with personality, high-quality photos, and impactful collection pages, with animated thumbnail images. I also love the included “Rewards” button.

15. Turtle Beach

Turtle-Beach homepage

TurtleBeach sells some of the world’s best gaming headsets. The company’s Shopify store is fantastic, combining high-quality multi-dimensional images, with eye-catching pop-ups, scrolling banners, and bright, impactful colors.

I love how the company gives every customer a page where they can track their orders in real-time, and the fact that they’ve implemented their own affiliate program.

16. MVMT

MVMT homepage

MVMT sells high-quality watches and sunglasses, for affordable prices. There are plenty of things to love about this Shopify store example, from the eye-catching product images to the animated social proof section.

I also love how the company constantly draws attention to its website with a powerful blog, an affiliate program, and even free tools, like a store locator.

Learning from the Best Shopify Store Examples

All of the best Shopify store examples above have something unique to offer, from incredible videos and photography to unique structures and color palettes. These examples demonstrate perfectly just how flexible and versatile the Shopify ecommerce platform can be.

If you need more inspiration for your own Shopify store, make sure you check out our complete collection of the best Shopify stores from every industry. There are thousands of great options out there, and you can filter through designs based on your niche or the features you need.

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