11 Biggest Companies Using Shopify for Ecommerce in 2024

There are plenty of reasons why I consider Shopify one of the best ecommerce platforms around. It’s user-friendly, affordable, inherently flexible, and incredibly scalable. It’s also one of the most popular platforms available. There are now more than 7 million companies using Shopify worldwide.

Despite this, there are still business owners out there who assume Shopify is only suitable for smaller businesses, or certain types of companies (like dropshipping brands).

Today, I’m going to attempt to bust that myth, by providing an insight into some of the world-leading brands that use Shopify to promote products, manage business processes, and optimize sales.

Popular Companies Using Shopify for Ecommerce

Clearly, there are millions of companies online today that have chosen Shopify as their go-to ecommerce platform.

For this list, I’m focusing on just some of my favorites, and sharing insights into how the Shopify platform is helping them grow, scale, and thrive.

Notably, some of the companies that use Shopify mentioned above are leveraging Shopify Plus, so if you notice a store that has features you can’t access, this could be because you’re not subscribed to the right Shopify subscription package.


bombas shopify store

First launched in 2013, Bombas is an online clothing company currently earning more than $250 million in annual revenue.

The company takes full advantage of Shopify’s robust features for creating product collections and bundles, to provide customers with great ways to save money on popular items, such as socks, t-shirts, and underwear.

The store, built with Shopify Plus, also utilizes a unique donation system, which ensures every time a customer places an order for a product, Bombas can donate a similar item to someone in need.

On top of that, Bombas uses Shopify apps to run its own affiliate program, and create interactive quizzes, to help customers find the ideal product based on their unique needs.

Condor Cycles

condor cycles shopify store

Condor Cycles is a world-leading company, known for selling unique branded bicycles, accessories, and even athletic clothing to companies worldwide.

The company takes advantage of the omnichannel selling capabilities of Shopify, to synchronize online sale data with information about in-person sales.

It also uses dropshipping integrations to source clothing from a wide-range of partners, including Albion, Bike Ribbon, Cateye, and many others.

Shopify’s global “Markets” product also ensures the company can create localized experiences for customers in all of its target regions.

Plus, thanks to Shopify’s robust app market, Condor can seamlessly run tailored marketing campaigns via email, through a connection with the Klaviyo email marketing app.


beard products store

BeardBrand is another exceptional company that relies on Shopify for online sales. The company takes advantage of Shopify’s “user account” functionality, allowing customers to create their own accounts on the website, where they can track order information and access personalized offers.

Similar to Bombas, BeardBrand also has its own affiliate program, integrated with the Shopify platform. Plus, it utilizes custom-made Shopify integrations, such as a “product customizer” app, which allows users to build their own product bundles with different variants and offers.

BeardBrand also draws attention to the benefits of the blogging capabilities of Shopify, with a comprehensive article section, featuring 1,000s of blogs that target specific keywords.

Beefcake Swimwear

beefcake swimwear store

One of the smaller companies on this list of brands that use Shopify for ecommerce, Beefcake Swimwear is an innovative clothing brand, making waves with their unique products, designed with a focus on sustainability.

The company’s website automatically adapts to different users, changing languages and currency information based on IP information.

Plus, the store takes advantage of numerous effective Shopify integrations, allowing it to serve personalized popups to customers, and integrate with platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Beefcake Swimwear is an excellent example of how companies can customize a simple Shopify store, with a streamlined theme (Impact), to deliver excellent experiences without huge operating costs.

We Are Wild

wild shopify store

Wild is changing the way the world thinks about deodorant, and body care, with cutting-edge products that combine sustainability, with quality. Like some of the other companies using Shopify mentioned here, the company takes advantage of the flexibility offered by Shopify Plus.

Wild’s website has a custom-made theme, complete with informative product videos. It also allows users to build custom subscription packages with all of their favorite products.

This means customers get a highly personalized shopping experience, and Wild benefits from consistent recurring revenue.

Wild even takes advantage of referral program apps, to help transform happy customers into brand advocates that reduce marketing and customer acquisition costs.


rocket dog shopify store

RocketDog is one of the better-known UK companies that uses Shopify for ecommerce purposes. The company sells a huge range of products, from trainers and flip-flops, to boots and sandals. Through Shopify, it can even empower customers to leverage a range of payment options, including Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.

Like some of the other organizations mentioned here, RocketDog takes uses plenty of valuable integrations with its Shopify store, to create custom pop-ups, forms, and even wishlist experiences for customers. It also has a comprehensive “refer a friend program” (managed via the Swell app)

Plus, it uses integration with Yotpo to collect feedback and reviews from customers it can showcase on its homepage and product pages.


lazy oaf shopify store

The LazyOaf company sells unique clothing, shoes, and accessories to customers all over the world. In my opinion, this store offers an excellent insight into just how versatile Shopify can be as an ecommerce platform.

Through Shopify, LazyOaf sells not just on its website, but also through a dedicated TikTok Shop, and other social media channels

LazyOaf uses the Shopify “Slate” theme, which gives it access to a comprehensive mega menu, quick views for products, and automated EU translation features.

It also takes full advantage of Shopify’s integrations with live and automated chat tools, ensuring it can provide customers with personalized guidance throughout their shopping journey.

Topic Skincare

tropic shopify store

Tropic Skincare is quickly becoming one of my favorite health and beauty brands. Not only does it specialize in creating highly eco-friendly and sustainable products, but it gives customers numerous ways to purchase products, both through its online platform, and team of ambassadors.

Tropic has built a fantastic user experience with its Shopify store, combining a responsive theme, with valuable tools, like it’s dedicated “skincare routine finder”, and a robust blog.

Plus, the company takes advantage of Shopify’s integrations with social media platforms and email marketing tools, to ensure it can constantly engage its target audience, across multiple channels.

Cambridge Satchel

Cambridge-Satchel shopify store

The Cambridge Satchel company is one of the fastest-growing niche companies using Shopify for online sales. The company has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, thanks to its high-quality products, reviews from companies like Elle and Vogue, and a commitment to delivering excellent customer service.

It’s easy to see how Shopify has given this company plenty of opportunities to scale in recent years, through social media integrations, support for multiple payment methods, and the ability to design unique shopping experiences. For instance, check out the company’s fantastic product quiz.

Plus, like many of the brands that use Shopify mentioned here, Cambridge Satchel takes advantage of affiliate programs, referral campaigns, and loyalty campaigns, to increase customer lifetime value.


Leesa shopify store

Even before companies like Simba sparked a revolution in the way we shop for mattresses, Leesa was already offering access to “bed in a bag” solutions online.

The company uses Shopify Plus as its ecommerce platform, taking advantage of the customizable checkout features, and the ability to create highly personalized, omnichannel shopping experiences.

The versatility of Shopify Plus has allowed Leesa to build a highly impactful website, with a custom-built theme, flexible affiliate marketing and loyalty campaigns, and more.

Leesa’s founders even highlighted the benefits of using the Shopify Plus platform in an interview with Shopify’s team. According to David Wolfe, without Shopify, the company would have run out of money and funding before they ever had a chance to grow.


netflix shopify store

Easily one of the biggest companies using Shopify for ecommerce today, Netflix’s online shop gives customers an all-in-one environment where they can shop for branded merchandise and products related to Shopify’s most popular shows and movies.

Though the ecommerce store is relatively simple, it takes advantage of Shopify’s flexible ecosystem, enabling the company to sell through various platforms, including TikTok and Instagram.

Plus, it uses Shopify’s shipping tools to ensure customers can track the location of their order in an instant, improving overall customer experiences. Netflix even leverages Shopify Markets, to create unique experiences for customers in different regions, like the US and UK.

Leading Companies Using Shopify

Hopefully, the examples of companies using Shopify for ecommerce above have given you an insight into just how versatile and scalable the platform really is.

Shopify gives companies of all sizes and industries the tools they need to design exceptional online shopping experiences, unlock the benefits of omnichannel commerce, and gain an edge over the competition.

If you’re still not sure if Shopify is the right platform for you, check out our comprehensive review, for insights into features, benefits, and pricing options.

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