Kittl vs Looka: Which is Best for Brand Asset Creation?

looka vs kittl

Kittl vs Looka, which design solution should you be using? At a glance, both tools are very similar, offering companies simple solutions for designing everything from logos to complete kits of brand assets, such as business cards, email signatures, and more.

Looka is probably the most intuitive option for beginners, allowing anyone to design comprehensive solutions for brand promotion in moments. However, Kittl benefits from more powerful AI-powered design tools, allowing you to create brand-new images without a designer.

I experimented with both tools, to bring you this complete comparison guide.

Looka vs Kittl: Quick Verdict

  • Use Looka: If you’re looking for a comprehensive tool for creating complete kits of brand assets, such as business cards, social media templates, and more.
  • Use Kittl: If you need a tool that allows you to design logos, templates, and designs for print-on-demand merchandise with AI-powered solutions.

Looka vs Kittl: Pricing and Fees

One of the first things any business owner will consider when choosing a design tool is the pricing. The good news is that both solutions allow you to start designing for free. You only need to pay when you decide to actually download or use your custom assets.

Kittl Pricing

Kittl’s free plan is actually very generous, giving you access to unlimited free and premium content, graphic templates worth more than $10,000, and a range of tools.

kittl pricing

However, you will need to upgrade to a premium plan if you want to access more AI features, and commercial licenses for your assets.

The premium plans available include:

  • Pro: $15 per month: 30 AI credits per day, 100 projects, 10GB upload space, AI premium templates, full commercial licenses, advanced AI features, and unlimited vector exports.
  • Expert: $30 per month: All the features of Pro, plus unlimited projects, 100GB upload space, and 100 AI credits per day.
  • Business: Custom pricing: All the features of the Expert plan for up to 5 users, with branding and team features, and advanced customer support.

Looka Pricing

Looka gives you two options when it comes to payment plans. If you simply want to purchase a (PNG) logo, you’ll pay $20. The premium logo package, for $65 includes multiple high-resolution file types, color variations, unlimited post-purchase changes, lifetime technical support, and full ownership of your logo design.

looka pricing option 2

If you want a comprehensive brand kit, you can pay $96 per year for the initial brand kit subscription, which includes all the features of the premium logo package, $3,000 in exclusive offers, and tools for creating social posts, business cards, email signatures and more.

looka pricing option 1

The Brand Kit Web subscription, for $129 per year, also allows you to build a custom website.

Kittl vs Looka: Feature Comparison

As I mentioned above, Kittl and Looka have a lot of similarities. They both allow you to design various brand assets using intuitive drag-and-drop tools.

Kittl’s key features include:

  • Templates: Professionally made templates for logos, posters, cards, labels, flyers, book covers, stickers, menus, T-shirts, bags, sweatshirts, social media, brand boards, thumbnails, and more, along with handy mockup and customization tools.
  • Image editing: The editing features built into Kittl’s platform allow you to design text effects, experiment with premium fonts, and create multiple artboards on an infinite canvas.
  • Print-on-demand: Unlike Looka, Kittl allows companies to print their custom designs on a range of products, such as t-shirts and sweatshirts. You can ship your products worldwide with the company, and there are no minimum order requirements.
  • AI tools: Kittl’s AI tools include an AI image upscaler for improving image quality, AI art feeds, a background remover, AI image generator, and an AI vector generator.
  • Additional tools: Additional tools available from Kittl include an AI vectorizer, logo generator, AI quote generator, AI product background creator, and SVG converter.
  • Collaboration tools: Notably, on Kittl’s custom plan, you’ll also get access to team collaboration tools, so employees can work together on design projects.

Looka’s key features include:

  • Logo maker: The easy-to-use logo maker is one of the biggest selling points of Looka. It gives you access to a convenient drag-and-drop editing platform, with hundreds of free graphics, shapes, fonts, and color variations to choose from.
  • Brand kits: Looka’s brand kits allow companies to create a host of branded assets for all forms of promotion. You can create letterheads, social media assets, posters, advertisements, blog banners, cards, presentations, flyers, invitations, brochures, and newsletters.
  • Website design: Unlike Kittl, Looka allows users on premium plans to design a comprehensive website, complete with various widgets, sections, and branded elements. You can add HTML, image sliders, and various other features to your website.
  • Mockups: Like Kittl, Looka has a fantastic mockup tool which allows you to view your designs on a range of assets, including t-shirts and business cards, as you experiment. Although you can only download your files, you can’t print products with Looka.
  • AI features: Although Looka’s AI features aren’t as advanced as the ones you get from Looka, you can still generate various assets, including your logo, with AI support. All you need to do is answer a few questions, and the AI system will create a design for you.

Kittl vs Looka: Ease of Use and Customer Support

In my experience, both Kittl and Looka are extremely easy to use. Both tools are designed for people with no design experience, and give you countless assets you can experiment with to bring your logo, or other brand assets to life.

Both editors feature drag and drop components, and an easy interface where you can play with the positioning of different assets.

They also both offer access to fantastic mockup tools, so you can see what your designs will look like in different contexts.

However, I do think Kittl has a slight edge due to its AI-powered features, which can generate templates and images for you in an instant, remove backgrounds and even add new backgrounds to product images.

From a customer support perspective, both companies have fantastic online resources. With Kittl, there’s a comprehensive blog, a range of easy-to-follow tutorials, a help center, and even the option to hire experts for extra support.

Looka also have step-by-step guides, logo ideas to give you inspiration, and a comprehensive help center.

If you want to contact the team on other site, Looka offers customer support via live chat and email. As far as I can tell, Kittl only offers support via email, although it does promise to respond within 24 hours, and there’s a handy chat bot to help you find answers to common questions.

Both companies also have a robust social media presence, so you can reach out to the team and community across channels like Facebook and Instagram too.

Kittl vs Looka: Verdict

Both Kittl and Looka are excellent solutions for simplifying the design process. I think Kittl is the better option if you’re looking for AI-powered solutions, as well as the ability to create custom print-on-demand products you can sell through your store, or share with team members.

Alternatively, Looka’s tools aren’t as advanced, but you do gain access to a website builder on the most expensive plan, which is something Kittl doesn’t offer. On the plus side, both tools are extremely easy to use, and very affordable, making them ideal for all kinds of smaller business owners.

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