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Originally formulated for burn patients, Oxygenetix is now available through your plastic surgeon’s office, dermatologist, and aesthetic professionals, as well as online at shopoxygenetix.com. Globally recognized and physician recommended, Oxygenetix is the only pro-healing topical that doctors will use immediately post-procedure for their patients. Oxygenetix acts as a second skin, so leaving the doctor’s office wearing Oxygenating Foundation is like having had no procedure done at all.

Unlike traditional makeup that damages and suffocates your skin, Oxygenetix is ideal for everyday wear and maintains your skin in optimal repair. This is why Hollywood celebrities rave about Oxygenetix as it protects their skin on and off the set. Oxygenetix has been used on the set of many films and television shows including GLEE, Just Go With It, Judge Judy, 2 Broke Girls, Mike and Molly, and many more. Oxygenetix is proud to have been a part of red carpet events such as The GRAMMY’s and The Oscars. We have also been involved with London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week.

Besides being in the spotlight, Oxygenetix helps people around the world with various skin conditions. Those with sensitive skin such as rosacea, mild to severe acne, and eczema, benefit from the soothing and cooling properties in Oxygenetix products. We are proud to provide a solution for those who would otherwise not wear makeup at all.

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