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Odorne is a curated collection of inspiring home spaces, each one complete with the products that make it so unique.

The Figma Store

The Figma Store features a collection of Figma apparel (layers) and accessories (components) designed for Figma community.

Its minimalistic approach to web design resulted in a neat layout, coupled with intuitive navigation and high-quality and bold visuals.

It is completely responsive and optimized for loading, hence performing on any device. Key features include discoverable categories, detailed product pages, interactive elements, user accounts, and the whole Figma look.

The store also has wide and very detailed support and community sections that must surely add more vibrant colors to the platform for users to explore and purchase design resources.


Oura Health Oy is a Finnish health technology company, known for the Oura Ring, a smart ring used to track sleep and physical activity.

Amazi Foods

The website, Amäzi, distinguishes itself with a strong emphasis on ethical practices and sustainability in snack production.

Their approach involves maintaining the entire production process within the country of ingredient sourcing. This not only supports sustainable supply chains but also establishes a direct connection between source and consumer.

Sol Reader

Sol is a reading technology company that aims to enhance the reading experience. They focus on creating tools that help people engage with reading in a more meaningful and immersive way.

Mana Yerba Maté

Mana is a Montreal based company that creates and distributes Yerba Maté. Their products give a big boost of energy that’s good for you, so go ahead and drink as many as you want!