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EXO makes it easier to keep our homes creepy-crawler-free with products that sustainable, non-smelly, and made with clean ingredients.


Ready-to-drink, better-for-you boba alternative that boasts no added sugar, no artificial ingredients, and less than 50 calories per bottle


The Baroncini Olive Oil is a brand of fresher, greener, and delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


A Mindful Delicious Wellness Blend with Ceremonial Grade Matcha, Cordyceps Militaris, and B Vitamins that provides an immediate noticeable brain boost, an increase to physical energy, immunity, and mood.


Hardpops make innovative, boozy, frozen treats for grownups. No artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or compromises. Just the good stuff.


AppleDoll make products to celebrate beauty and creation as freeing experiences—unrestrained by gender and societal norms—so that anyone can explore and express