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The Hunu cup is a collapsible, reusable cup that was created to take on the issue of single use plastic and disposable coffee cups.


Visp is a drinkware brand on a mission to enhance the experience of your daily wellness ritual with an innovative alternative. Visp makes an electric whisk bottle that replaces handheld frothers and bulky blenders.


Wype is a soothing, natural gel that boosts toilet paper’s cleansing power – a wet wipe alternative that doesn’t clog pipes or pollute oceans.

United Sodas

United Sodas is a new, healthier beverage with 12 premium flavors, 30 calories, organically sweetened with nothing artificial.


Eager Drinks are premium pressed and squeezed juices packaged in one litre cartons which do not need to be refrigerated until opened without the use of artificial preservatives.

The BAD Tea Co.

The BAD Tea Co. makes extra-caffeinated teas with global flavors for adventurous coffee-alternative seekers.


NuSkool Snacks is a low-sugar, high-fiber snacking company that focuses on creating delicious, healthy snacks and removing unnecessary sugar from the American diet.