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We re-imagined hair care to create custom cosmetic products as unique as you. Prose is a fully personalized hair care brand and subscription service that sends you custom formulas based on your needs

Prose Review: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Prose Website

In today’s Prose review, we’re taking a closer look at an attractive ecommerce website, designed by a company in the haircare market. In today’s digital landscape, few things are more crucial thank offering customers an incredible online experience.

The more attractive and intuitive your online store, the more likely you are to earn the trust of your target audience, and increase conversions. The Prose website with it’s stunning imagery and interactive segments, is an excellent example of a site that puts UI/UX first.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Prose site.

What Does Prose Do?

Prose is an ecommerce company, focused on the haircare industry. Currently, the market for custom haircare, alongside a variety of other selfcare products, is growing at a phenomenal rate. By 2028, GlobeNewswire predicts this landscape will be worth $112.97 billion.

What sets Prose apart from other haircare companies in the industry today, is it’s focus on delivering a truly personalized service. Customers on the website start their shopping experience with an interactive consultation. The site uses intelligent technology to capture information about each person’s hair problems and goals, to suggest the perfect formula for their needs.

Prose promises to make unique products for every customer, and even constantly updates their strategy with research and development. The company even adds the name of each customer to the packaging for their products.

Prose was founded in Paris, and operates out of Brooklyn as a certified B corporation, making it an ecofriendly and sustainable brand.

How Does Prose Work?

As mentioned above, the core focus of the Prose company is on delivering a unique experience and product to every customer. When you visit the website, you’ll be able to click on the “Get Your Formula” button to start a free digital consultation.

Each customer is required to enter their email address to get their customized response. After this, users are asked a series of question about their hair issues and goals. The company then produces a customized product based on the needs of the consumer.

Products include custom shampoos, conditioners, scalp masks, styling gels, and more. Pros also sells supplements and haircare accessories, such as hand-crafted brushes.

Customers can choose to purchase each customized product once, or set up a “subscribe and save” strategy to get a discount on all future orders. Aside from selling directly to customers, Prose also serves the stylist industry, with B2B options for professionals.

Prose Design and User Experience

As mentioned above, part of what makes the Prose company so attractive is its focus on unique customer experiences and exceptional design. The website is beautifully crafted, with large hero images showcasing happy customers. Some of the most compelling parts of the UI/UX design strategy on the website include:

  • Interactive segments: As you scroll through the website, you can hover over images to get more information about each product. The site even allows customers to swipe through page segments on a smartphone, for a more responsive experience.
  • Custom consultation: Using AI algorithms, Prose gives each customer a fully customized overview of the products they can access. The easy-to-use customer survey allows every user to customize their products to suit their specific needs.
  • Social proof: The Prose website is brimming with examples of social proof, from quotes from media publications about the company, to reviews and testimonials, and even a social media feed showcasing images using the #Prosehair hashtag.
  • Banners and offers: Customers are instantly offered exceptional deals on their haircare products with banners offering free mystery gifts and other bonuses. Even the menu reminds users they can get 15% off with a subscription.
  • Security: As a company that relies on customer data to offer personalized care, Prose takes security and privacy seriously, promising never to share insights into their customers with any third parties.

Overall, Prose offers a straightforward and convenient experience, customized to the needs of each individual user. The exceptional user experience is further enhanced by the use of stunning imagery, and a neutral, attractive color palette. The site is organized into convenient segments for scrolling, and the expandable menu gives customers complete control over navigation.

Prose also allows each customer to create their own account on the website, so they can instantly sign in and adjust their orders, subscriptions, and other features.

There’s even an option for customers to purchase gifts for friends, family members and other individuals, using the same personalized consultation process.

Prose User Reviews

As mentioned above, Prose utilizes social proof throughout its website to highlight the benefits of its products, with insights from real consumers. The home page and other parts of the site feature social media posts, press releases, and reviews straight from real customers.

There’s also a dedicated review section where customers can rate every product with stars, and share their thoughts. Customers love the rapid results they get with the products. Here are some examples of reviews showcased on the website:

Notably, Prose also encourages users to share their thoughts and unboxing experiences on social media with the #ProseHair hashtag. The company has even worked with micro influencers and stylists to draw more attention to its innovative product line.

Finishing Thoughts on the Prose Website

Prose is revolutionizing haircare with a unique approach to selling specialized and customized products to every customer. It’s not just the compelling products offered by Prose that makes the company so attractive, but it’s a phenomenal approach to UI/UX design.

The Prose website is convenient, simple, and attractive. It’s easy to use on any device, and utilizes the latest technology to provide every user with a phenomenal free consultation.

Prose offers an excellent insight into how companies can combine bespoke products with phenomenal website design to stand out from competitors in the growing ecommerce space.

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